We are a small tech sales firm in Germany. I guess that we have a similar set-up to many as follows:

* Use ISP with 6 (used) mailboxes
* Local VPOP3 mail server that stores local email
* The Bat! email clients on three lap-tops and two fixed computers (trying The Bat and it is really great and powerful)
* Retrieve emails when travelling from ISP using The Bat
* Dynamic DSL connection
* Have a Joomla based web site at same ISP

We need to add calenders and mobile connectivity. The set-up we have is pretty cool, but is clearly not enough for the future. We are looking at getting some Symbian based smart-phones and would like to be able to get email and share calenders on these with a new server as well as on our lap-tops. We only need to use the smart-phones for email etc. about 10 days a month as we are in the office for the rest of the time.

Ideally we do not really want to use a new ISP with paid Zimbra monthly accounts, but would like to keep the server in-house and under our control.

We would also like to have our local server do all the anti-virus and spam-cheking on mails before they get pushed to the smart-phones to save traffic costs...

What would be the best solution for us? We can probably set up a server ourselves or get a savy IT professional neighbour to help us out from time to time. What effect might the DynDSL account have (no fixed IP address).

Looking forward to hearing some suggestions as we need to move forward and become better at what we do...

Many thanks.. Thomas Dahl