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Thread: set the department field in "contact information" through command line? stored where?

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    Default set the department field in "contact information" through command line? stored where?

    Is there a way to set the department text field (or any other field on the Contact Information), through the command line like through zmprov?

    I'm talking about the field you can see here:
    edit the account > Contact Information tab > Department text field

    looks like the only possible place is stored in inetorgperson.schema's departmentNumber?

    I tried setting that with zmprov, but that didn't work:
    zmprov ca ewbge displayName "Noam Chomsky" departmentName "Sales"

    Any clues?

    It would be sweet if this is possible, so I can script everything to setup the account fully with all the information in it.

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    Default Dept = OU

    Department is Organizational Unit in LDAP speak. So, you'll find that field in ou.

    Just fill out all the fields with the Admin interface then do a 'zmprov ga user@domain' and examine the results to find the other fields.

    You can set the dept on the command line with 'zmprov ma user@domain ou "Accounting"'

    ca dlbewley@domain "password"
    ma dlbewley@domain zimbraCOSid "<UUID for COS>"
    ma dlbewley@domain givenName "Dale"
    ma dlbewley@domain sn "Bewley"
    ma dlbewley@domain cn "dlbewley"
    ma dlbewley@domain initials ""
    ma dlbewley@domain displayName "Dale Bewley"
    ma dlbewley@domain ou "Systems"
    ma dlbewley@domain description "Unix Server Admin"
    ma dlbewley@domain zimbraNotes "All your base belong to he"
    ma dlbewley@domain zimbraPasswordMustChange FALSE
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