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Thread: Hosted options appear limited

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    Default Hosted options appear limited

    I would like to try Zimbra, I am the official guinea pig at our company, but the available hosted offerings do not fit the bill, makes it hard to migrate from Exchange.

    I found one hosting partner in the list that offers a single account with mobile sync, with a free trial. I signed up for the trial, but it apparently included all of the hosting company's other products except their re-branded Zimbra. Not a good way to start a product evaluation.


    1. Hosted Zimbra that does not require MX changes or DNS juggling to simply check out the product. We forwarded individual pop3 mail, on a case by case basis, to our current hosted Exchange server for 4 months before we made the mx changes. We tested and started migration on the host's subdomain, and made the mx changes when we were ready for 100% commitment.

    2. Hosted Zimbra that allows a single account, rather than a minimum of 3 to 5.

    Zimbra demos look great, hopefully I missed a hosted option that will let us see if we want to get into the game.

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    Hi Realestate

    We are in the UK and just about to launch our simple Network service. Our OSS service has always been available on trial first, so far those who have tried it like the product but some wanted to wait for an affordable network account. In the next two weeks we will have an Exchange competitive Network account available for individuals, professionals and corporate use.

    If we are doing so in the UK I am sure someone in the US will be! We aren't on the partner lists yet as the OSS providers are not listed so it may be others are at a similar point to us.

    If you dont find what you need, please pm me and we will offer you a trial account to demo it, even if you end up taking a US supplier your comments will be useful!


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