So I wrote a script to run through all of our current users and distribution lists (will post to the wiki soon) and and add them as distribution lists (for migration purposes).

Here's my problem... I am migrating users, slowly. To add a user to Zimbra, I need to delete the distribution list and add an account with the same name. When I delete the distribution list, it removes itself from any other distribution list, effectively losing all list memberships.

NOTE: I understand that this is a feature (and a pretty kicka** feature at that... it would suck if it didn't) but it makes my migration difficult.

My question... is there a way, maybe through zmprov to modify a distribution list to convert it into an account?

A workaround could be to just run my script for every user that I move over, or write a new one that queries current memberships, then deletes the list, and adds an account, then joins user to the lists...