I wrote a script to migrate all of my sendmail distribution lists over to zimbra...

In the script it will envoke

zmprov cdl list@domain.com
zmprov adlm list@domain.com user@domain.com user2@domain.com

Everything went pretty well, but some of the lists did not get created, and the cdl command did not throw an error. The errors only came when I tried to add members.

I also tried just adding one of the lists that did not create from the command line. No error, but still no list...

One of the lists I was trying to add was "all2@mydomain.com", can anybody confirm?

cdl WILL, however throw an error if the list already exists...

This was a little while ago, like maybe 4.5.3, I have not been able to test in 4.5.4

Thank you,