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Thread: Disable NE redologs for migration?

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    Default Disable NE redologs for migration?

    Let's say I've got 500GB of mail to migrate.

    I don't want to create over 500GB of archived redologs while doing the migration. Is there a way not to?

    Repeatedly purging redolog/archive only solves part of the problem -- presumably, the multiphase commit slows things down. Since I have copies all safe and sound on the original IMAP server, I'd be ok disabling redologs entirely. Is that how the open source edition behaves? Is there some switch that can make NE behave that way temporarily? Or does this really not create the overhead I'm assuming it does?

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    You can disable it with:

    zmprov mcf zimbraRedoLogEnabled FALSE

    and restart ZCS. When you're done migrating, reenable it and make a full backup.

    Open source edition behaves the same way as does Network Edition in terms of logging the operations. The difference is in what happens with the logs once they get to a certain size and roll over. In open source edition, the log is simply truncated. In NE, the log is moved to a subdirectory and later backed up during an incremental backup.
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