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    The time has come and this weekend I'm moving 295 email accounts and 53 email groups from CommunigatePro to Zimbra, and although I know there will be a real slog involved (my users don't tend to delete email, ever) I'm actually excited about what Zimbra will mean for me and for my company moving forward.

    I've got my spreadsheets of users / passwords built
    I've got the mail server updated with the relevant RHEL libraries I need
    I've got IMAPsync installed on the server
    I've got a fridge full of red bull for the weekend
    I've got 2 x 1Tb USB drives for backing up the mail to prior to the move
    I've even got a plan...

    Due to the fact the existing mail server is less than 12 months old, there is no new mail server, CommunigatePro and Zimbra will (hopefully) for a time be running on the same server, CMGPro will be running on user configured ports and Zimbra on default ports, IMAPsync will then be used to copy the data across from the old "server" to the new.

    So Thursday night this week, CMGPro will be offline while all the Accounts data files are copied to the 2 x 1Tb USB drives, one will then be kept secure, the other will then be used as the data store throughout Friday, then over the weekend the migration proper will take place. All email will be migrated using IMAPsync, and for the 30 / 40 users who use the MAPI functionality their non-email data will be migrated manually (after all no point in having two assistants and not wrecking their weekend by having them work with me)

    Will post up how it goes.....

    (Wish me luck)

    BTW - the reasons for the move ? Simple Stalker seemingly has no intention for providing MAPI support / hack for OSX users, the PC MAPI connector has rubbish performance over WAN, and there was no way I was going to move to exchange and run my mail server on the Windows platform, that just feels wrong, and I suspect stress and (admin) death lie down the MS mail server path...

    Finally, went out with a couple of the Zimbra guys in SF, and they brought me beer / burger and a nice sleeved top, I *am* that cheap!!!

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