We are looking at testing Zimbra at a small business and I had a question about calendar sync.

The Lightning/Sunbird icalendar support is beginning to mature, for example you can now use the Thunderbird 2.0 release candidate with the Lightning addon and it will do two-way syncing with Google Calendar via icalendar.

What I wanted to know was, can I now or in the near future do two-way sync between Zimbra and Lightning/Sunbird, and if so can the "open source" version of Zimbra do this?

I'm sorry if this sounds like an old question to some, but I looked through the forums and wiki and wasn't able to find a clear answer, I ran into lots of messages with people using the term "ical" as in the Mac app, and "icalendar" as in the standard, interchangeably. And also a lot of old posts regarding one-way sunbird sync from a long time ago.

I've also run across the cladav bugzilla entry
but I don't know if this encompasses all ical features, or if it will be available in the "open source" edition.

Any info would be appreciated.