To the Devs,

First and foremost, I am a proud licensee of the software. I can't explain how liberating it is to find a product that competes in the same back yard as Exchange.

Simply brilliant.

On to the issues.

I'm currently migrating to from a Windows SBS 2003 server to an Ubuntu 6.10 + Zimbra NE setup.

I seem to have some issues running the migration wizard. I have successfully imported 10 of the 12 accounts, with varying results.

I always receive the 899351 KB Microsoft warning which I have no idea how to resolve. I have followed the Regsvr directions to no success, so I will look to manually importing the Calendars.

However, I continue to have issues migrating two user accounts. They have ~7.500 and ~9.500 items to import, and they both get to about 70% before a fatal error that stops them dead in their tracks. It's curious however, because I successfully imported another account that was close to ~10.000 items with no issues. I am running the migration wizard directly on the Exchange 2003 server as the Administrator. The Zimbra server exists across a 4.6Mbit connection to my data center.

I get a COM exception 80004005 error with approximately 10-15 "Message too large" warnings.

This is getting somewhat frustrating as the two accounts i'm trying to import are the most important, and I must have resolve somewhat quickly.

Other than that. This is a brilliant product. My only last gripe is that i'm patiently awaiting a proper Outlook 2007 MAPI connector + Migration tool.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Jordan Williams
DynaTek Media Corporation
Director of Technology