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Thread: Migrating from Exchange/AD to Zimbra and Samba

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    Exclamation Migrating from Exchange/AD to Zimbra and Samba


    We're currently eyeing on Zimbra, well, trying, to migrate to it from Exchange and Active Directory. Getting Zimbra to run was a breeze, and kudos to the devs for that. The wall that we currently hit was trying to get Samba and Zimbra to talk together so that Samba can act as the domain controller/login for the Windows workstations as it authenticates through the Zimbra LDAP.

    Following Greg's article:

    The problem that we currently encountered is at the samba portion. Samba can't seem to create the domain in the Zimbra LDAP.

    "sambaDomainName=COMPANY,dc=company,dc=com" invalid DN. Here's the exact error:

    Apr 26 08:06:07 server slapd[7768]: do_add: invaliddn (sambaDomainName=COMPANY,dc=company,dc=com)
    Trying to add the domain manually through the zimbra_samba zimlet provided in the HOWTO rendered the same results.

    EDIT: Here's some more information about the server:

    - Fedora Core 6
    - Zimbra Store/LDAP on a separate server
    - Zimbra MTA on a separate server
    - Samba on a different server running on Ubuntu 6.10

    Where should I exactly start looking? Will appreciate all of your help.

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