hi guys,

My installation have 2 mailbox servers. My question is, which imap server that I need to point during imapsync?

Let say, user1 resides in mailbox1.domain.com and user2 resides in mailbox2.domain.com and the old imap server is imap.domain.com

So, what should I do now? Is the below correct? If i just point all to mailbox1.. it will be automatically redirected to the appropriate mailbox rite?

User 1

imapsync --nosyncacls --subscribe --syncinternaldates \
   --host1 imap.domain.com --user1 user1 --password1 yourPassword \
   --host2 mailbox1.domain.com--user2 user1 --password2 yourZimbraPassword
User 2

imapsync --nosyncacls --subscribe --syncinternaldates \
   --host1 imap.domain.com --user1 user2 --password1 yourPassword \
   --host2 mailbox1.domain.com--user2 user2 --password2 yourZimbraPassword
Need help.. Thanx!