i've installed and configured Zimbra without problems on Ubuntu 6.06. Now i've to prove to my company the benefits of Zimbra Network Edition.

I want to migrate the account from Exchange 2000 to Zimbra without shutdown the Exchange Server. I would like to copy all mails, calendars and contacts in Zimbra without delete anything in the Exchange Server.

Can i follow this link


without problem ? These instructions will no affect my company Exchange System in any manner ? I need to copy 15 email account (total space 15 gb), i will encounter some difficulty ? I've read in the forum of some user success but i'm concerned about limit of Zimbra because each month we have to export mails from Exchange 2000 (for the 16 gb limit) and with a new solution we don't want anymore to do this ! Can Zimbra work propely with 60-80 gb of mails ?

The Network Edition can run without problem in Ubuntu ?

Can we try the Network Edition for production for the first 2 months and after if we are satisfied just upgrade our license ? Can we buy 15 license or the minimum is 25 ?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english.