Hi everybody, I just lost several hours of work because of that rubbish license system. Let me explain myself.

I work for a company which want to migrate from Exchange to Zimbra. We have approximatively 250 account, fine, the 50->500 accounts license will do it. So I install zimbra, admin accound, license, create the domains, configure, etc.

As we want to move the mails one by one, we want to use the split domain features. That implies that for every mail that uses a domain hosted by zimbra, but where that email still lies on Exchange, I have to create an account on zimbra, and a redirection. Same for the aliases to these accounts. That's nearly 800, fine, I wrote a script.

But, as I have the 50-500 users license, it just won't let me insert more than 500 users. So i get another license for 500-2000 users, and think once the migration is done, hopefully within the 2 monthes of trial, I could migrate to the 50->500 one, and purchase support.

But no:
zimbra@mail:~/conf$ zmlicense -i /opt/zimbra/ZCSLicense2.xml
Error: exception occurred: can't change install type from trial to trial

Even if I have 62 trial days left, i just can't get more accounts.
So, what should I do? Reinstall everything from scratch, with a 500->2000 users license, although we just want to purchase the 50->500 one? Will it even be possible to change that at the end? What if our migration takes more than 2 monthes?

Or should I install the opensource version, and try to get support after our migration is finished? That's not so good as most of our problems may occur during the migration....

As a suggestion: let your customers change their licence as long as the 2 monthes trial are not over... thinking of reinstalling everything just to change the license makes me sick

Could someone help?