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Thread: help-qmail pop to zimbra

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    Default help-qmail pop to zimbra

    my email server only use qmail for just pop service without imap and address book use ldap. how to migrate this account, address book and inbox to zimbra the easiest way.

    and about dawn can it be use to directly read into mail server address book .because i don't really know what each user address book have. i only want to migrate from qmail to zimbra.

    thx in advance

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    Rangga, welcome to the forums

    Note: this was originally posted in a thunderbird thread:
    -so you are currently using thunderbird for a front end pop client?

    Setup the new zimbra server
    Make a new account in say Thunderbird (or other imap&pop client) and connect via imap to the zcs server.
    copy the folders you want to the zimbra account
    -in outlook 2003 it's simply right click the folder> 'copy to' (you would select the inbox on the zcs account) etc.
    -sometimes in thunderbird you need to first make the folder on the zcs account-highlight the pop mail you already have-rightclick> copy to (thunderbird sometimes doesn't let you click 'copy to' on folders that we're originally pop)

    In short try this first: under thunderbird, create an imap account that leads to your user's zimbra account. Then just attempt to drag/drop e-mails from local account (old pop) to zimbra imap account.

    and address book use ldap.
    You said your already using ldap for address book-well that's easy: after your up and running, under the GAL section in the admin console (port 7071) have it use the same ldap server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rangga Kusuma View Post
    and about dawn can it be use to directly read into mail server address book
    No, but it can handle ldif files, so you can export the ldap address book to ldif using ldapsearch or slapcat (assuming its hosted on openldap) and then import it form there.

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    thx, im still new in this forum.

    about what client my user realy use i cant check each. but worse case not only thunderbird they use. sorry if i am miss thread if you can redirect me to other thread i will repost. but for sure what i realy need is how to migrate all existing data on qmail type mailserver (for pop i use vpopmail and qmail as MTA) to zimbra.

    nice to meet u mmorse

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