I am beginning to plan a migration from GroupWise to Zimbra. Most of the migration of 200 users around the world will be done by me so the migration period may not be quick. My plan is to run GroupWise and Zimbra together in a split domain for the period of the migration. ie both Zimbra and GroupWise will be authoritative for the same domain.

I will split the domain by first having a frontend sendmail routing external emails to the relevant mail server for the user.

Zimbra's postfix will be configured to route messages for GroupWise users to GroupWise using the information from the Zimbra Wiki split domain page.

The remaining problem is getting GroupWise to send messages to Zimbra users on the same domain which I can't see an easy answer too. So what I'm looking at doing is using fetchmail, configured with the zmfetchercfg script from here: http://www.zimbra.com/forums/adminis...gregation.html (thanks marcmac), to copy mail from GroupWise's IMAP interface to Zimbra. Each user will have an entry in the Zimbra server's cron to transfer messages regularly.

So does anyone have better ways of doing this? Suggestions or Advise?

Any thoughts are much appreciated.