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Thread: Groupwise migration wizard problems

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    Default Groupwise migration wizard problems

    I am having problems using the Groupwise Migration Wizard.

    I've set up the GWIA to allow LDAP access. When I watch the GWIA console after entering the LDAP settings in the wizard, I see it say LDAP connection accepted, so I know the wizard is hitting the GWIA. However, when I click "Object Picker", I get the message "Unable to perform the search". I am not sure what I am missing. Here is the PO.XML file I am using:

    <postoffice name="cn=GW_Post,o=Students" ip="" port="1677">
    GW_Post is the actual Post Office object in NDS, and not the POA object within GW_Post. I am entering an admin user for Zimbra, and I know the wizard is setting itself as a trusted app because I can see it in the GroupWise trusted applications dialog.

    I am not sure what piece I am missing to make this work. Help!!!


    I forgot to mention that this system is set up with a MTA/POA in one domain, then a MTA/GWIA/WebAccess in a secondary domain, if that makes any difference.
    I also went into the GroupWise client and added a LDAP address book entry for the GWIA LDAP server. I did a search for a name and it came back with entries, so the GWIA is functioning as an LDAP server and returning results.
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