I tested migrating a simple user with no issues and so decided to be a Guinea Pig and migrate my own mailbox. The migration gets to message ten and then doesn't get any further. When I try to cancel the import it asks me if I want to to and I say OK and then nothing happens, click the cancel button again and the same thing happens. The only solution is to end the task.

I am trialing Zimbra Network edition 4.5.5 and the Migration wizard that comes with that. The server is Centos 4.5 (and works perfectly) the migration wizard is running on WinXP with the Novell client and GroupWise 7.0.2. Alot of our email is fairly recently migrated from Exchange to GroupWise (people didn't like GroupWise here much). We have approx 200 users who we want to migrate in this way once we've purchased a license.

What should I do to debug this? The log in Local Settings/Temp doesn't show much information.