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Thread: Migrating from RHEL to Ubuntu

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    Default Migrating from RHEL to Ubuntu

    Hi everyone,
    we are planning to move from one OS to another.
    What necessary steps are to be done to move all exisiting Accounts, Emails, Calendars in order for them to be accessable on the Ubuntu Zimbra ?

    For Mailsync we're gonna use imapsync, but how can we migrate the User/Domain Accounts?

    Thanks in advance


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    I'm contemplating this move as well.

    I would assume rsyncing the /opt directory and then running the Ubuntu installer would take care of most everything - custom cron jobs, fetchmail, etc would have to be manually re-created. Am I correct here?

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    I also plan on doing this soon as I run on OpenSuse10 which is dropping off the support list, so I plan on this method.

    rsync the entire /opt/zimbra folder to another linux box for temporary storage (gigabit lan connection so should be quick enough)

    Pull the drives from the server and replace with spares, that way if it goes wrong I have the ultimate restore procedure.

    Install new OS on new drives, install zimbra for that OS, of the same release that was running on the old OS. Use fresh install option obviously.

    Stop zimbra services and restore via rsync, the old /opt/zimbra from its holding cell on the other linux box.

    Reinstall zimbra using upgrade method, still the same version.

    I think that's all that is needed. This assumes that the new OS will be keeping the fqdn and ip of the old one.

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    I realize this is an old discussion thread but my question is related.

    I'm considering going from RHEL 4.x to RHEL 5.x. For Zimbra, what is the best way to move the whole Zimbra under RHEL 4.x environment over to the RHEL 5.x version? A pointer to the best procedures for doing this so that the end users have a transparent experience without a noticeable change in their use of the system?

    Thanks in advance.

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