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    Default Zimbra to Zimbra (or restore)

    Greetings All,

    I have a pretty simple one I think, I did search this question but I think my case is a little unique. I don't want to do the restore that is mentioned in many threads here so I need a slightly different solution. I've included the build-up to my problem, but it's relatively unimportant, you can skip to "The Problem" if desired.

    I've migrated 17 mailboxes to a Zimbra hosting provider (one of the premiers) however 3 of our boxes did not migrate properly, the Domino Migration Wizard just would not transfer messages from these accounts. I've tried this on our own Zimbra server as well so I know it's not anything that the hosting co. has done.

    I've initiated tickets with the hosting provider over the last 2 weeks. Quickly they decided that the migration wizard would not work and that they would migrate the accounts via IMAP. So it took a little preparation to get Domino to use IMAP, but a few days later I had it working and sent my passwords for the accounts. Another week later they tell me that their tool (imapsync) does not work and it certainly, clearly, must be Domino's fault. The case must be escalated to Zimbra (really? can't imagine how long I'll be waiting for this now...with angry users) so I take matters into my own hands.

    So despite this I've created my own Zimbra server with a trial edition of the software, migrated the data successfully using IMAP and have a working migration of the mailfile on my Zimbra server. Of course, now I need to get it on to my Hosting providers' Zimbra server.

    The Problem

    What is the best way to transfer the migrated mailbox from my zimbra server (which has a different hostname/ips/etc) to my hosting provider? Imapsync? Can I provide a backup of the user's mailfile alone?

    Ideas appreciated, Thanks.
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