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Thread: Host to host migration

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    Default Host to host migration

    Hello there !

    I've a big problem.
    We actually use the open source edition which is installed on a test server. We have bought the Network Edition.
    My problem is that I can't install the Network Edition on the same server and especially I can't keep the same IP and the same hostname. Both server have different IP (from different subnet) and different hostname that I can't change.

    I've read many post that explain howto copy a zimbra setup with rsync but each time the most important think is to keep the IP and hostname.

    Is there any solution to export mail, contact, calendar and preferences from the Open Source accounts to the Network Edition ??

    Thanks all for your help

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    Hostname, yes.
    IP, no. As long as you update DNS and hosts file, you'll be fine. (which is why DNS was invented)

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