Hi All,
I would like to know how I can migrate the qmail mails to zimbra. I am trying to convince my organization to mote to zimbra. We currently use qmail. I would be happy to know the process to migrate qmail mails to zimbra. The mails boxes are very big to import from the mail clients(Approx 2GB each account). I am taking about 80 GB of mails to be moved from qmail server to zimbra. I cannot ask the clients to download their mails(we currently use IMAPS4) as the mail boxes are big and if they start the downloads, the mail server will get overloaded.
Is there any way that I can copy all the mails from the qmail server to a shared folder/zimbra server and from there I can migrate them.
Any help would be appreciated as I can give a full end-to-end plan to my organization.

Thanks in advance .

Abdul Khader