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    Default GroupWise migration help

    We are using GroupWise 7/sp1a running on NetWare 6.5/SP6. I'm testing the GW migration wizard (file version 4.5.5_GA_881). The migration tool is running on a Windows XP workstation (SP2) with the latest NetWare client (4.91/sp3). I’ve confirmed that Gwtapp.dll is in c:\windows\system32. Yes, I'm logged into the workstation as administrator. What happens is the migration tool progress gets to "migrating contacts" and it just sits there (I've let it sit for 60+ minutes). It never times out and there is nothing written to the log file location (c:\windows\temp). I've watch the POA log and everything looks fine on that end. I've tried migrating a test user with NO contacts and just 4 emails but I get the same results where it hangs on "migrating contacts". I'm looking for some ideas on what to try next?!?! Thanks in advance.
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