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Thread: Migration from Exchange to Zimbra question

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    Default Migration from Exchange to Zimbra question


    we run MS Exchange 2003 on the corporate network and would like to migrate some (not all) mailboxes to Zimbra.

    I was thinking of creating a subdomain and forward mails (on the server-side, not client) for those mailboxes from to this subdomain.

    Is that possible? Is there some documentation of how to do this?


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    You may want to have a look at the Split Domain Wiki page. It doesn't really address the sub-domain setup that you are thinking about, but it certainly can be used for migrating some, but not all, of your users.

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    We use the subdomain setup that you described for our Exchange users. Essentially, our primary mail system is Zimbra and Exchange is the "other" system we are moving away from. The Exchange domain is the subdomain for us, so we just have users that are still on Exchange set up a forward from Zimbra to their exchange account. Works out great for us. Now, if we could just get people to get off of Exchange......but that's a whole other issue(politically).

    If Zimbra were the subdomain, you would have to set up a Contact in Active Directory for all of your users in Zimbra, and set up a forward in the users account config to the Contact account which would then send it to the Zimbra servers. You would also want to set up the reply-to address for all users in Zimbra to be that of the Exchange address.

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