I'm using imapsync to migrate mail from our old iPlanet to Zimbra. It's going well for the most part, except it won't copy some of my users' inboxes. So far, this has only happened with the inbox, all other folders are fine.

First, it says that the folder size is zero, while containing a couple thousand messages.

++++ Calculating sizes ++++
From Folder [INBOX]                   Size:         0 Messages:  1990
It then errors on IMAPClient.pm:

From Folder [INBOX]
To   Folder [INBOX]
From Buffer I/O : 65536
To   Buffer I/O : 65536
++++ From Parse 1 ++++
Use of uninitialized value in split at /usr/share/perl5/Mail/IMAPClient.pm line 2634.
Time headers: 0 s
Time sizes  : 0 s
Time headers: 0 s
and no messages are copied over. This looks like it might be a bug within the Perl module itself. Anyone have any suggestions?