Having read what the forums and wiki have to say about funambol and z-push, Im left a little confused: If i want to sync email, calendar and contacts to my phone do I need Funambol and z-push (server and related clients)? or just Funambol?
Outwardly funambol seems to be able to sync calendar, contacts and tasks (although ive read tasks arent working that well , in 6 GA at least) But theres no mention of syncing email in the funambol client.
Similarly, z-push works brilliantly for email by utilizing the widely available Mail For Exchange, but calendar and contacts are notably absent. There is a sourceforge project to develop a complete zimbra backend for z-push, but as yet, there doesnt seem to be much activity. Attempting to develop my own z-push zimbra back end was a consideration, but with next to no developer documentation made that somewhat difficult. So I guess after all that rambling, my question really is:
Will funambol sync email, calendar, and contacts between my phone and my zimbra server? If it did, it would be suuuuuuhhhweeeeeet.