i installed funambol V8 Server on my Debian Lenny 64bit and I can administrate it by the funambol-admin.
I can add users or some else but I cant use the Zimbramoduls.

I tried to install the modul by this WAY.

I anwered everything with "n" for no and at the end is only this:
     [echo] webdemo-8.0.1 installation successfully completed
     [echo] has.install: ${has.install}
     [echo] ZimbraConnector installation...
     [echo] Database installation for module ZimbraConnector on hypersonic (/opt/Funambol/ds-server)

  [iterate] The Funambol Data Synchronization Server installation program can now create
  [iterate] the database required by the module ZimbraConnector (if any is needed).
  [iterate] You can skip this step if you have already a valid database created
  [iterate] or the module does not require a database.

  [iterate] If you choose 'y' your existing data will be deleted.

  [iterate] Do you want to recreate the database?
  [iterate]               (y,n)
     [echo] ZimbraConnector installation successfully completed
      [war] Warning: selected war files include a WEB-INF/web.xml which will be ignored (please use webxml attribute to war task)
     [echo] Remove output dir

Total time: 49 seconds
I dont understand what could be wrong.

thx for replys

Greetz Centro