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Thread: How to sync my phone

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    Question How to sync my phone

    I'm using a Sony Ericsson c702. It has a propietary OS. But when it comes to sync, it offers me "SyncML" or "Exchange ActiveSync". Do you think that Zimbra would be able to use eather of it? I've read thru a lot of threads but I could not find anything about SyncML.

    I'm looking into synchonising my Laptop, Desktop and my Mobile with: Addressbook, Calendar, ToDo's and my Notes. For Email I'm using IMAP. Email on the mobile is not so important.

    But when it comes to synchronising rock solid is a MUST.

    I'm using Ubuntu Linux.

    Thank you for your answer.

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    You can check Funambol. I use Funambol for syncing all my handhelds with Zimbra and Funambol works off of SyncML

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    Thank you for ur answer. I've found a zimbra hoster. And he says Zimbra can do both SyncML and Exchange ActiveSync. I'm going to try this out with a test account. let u know.
    cheers g

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