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Thread: No Palm Pre sync after webos update to 1.4

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    Default No Palm Pre sync after webos update to 1.4

    My corporation uses Zimbra collaboration suite. A few days after I updated my Sprint Palm Pre to webos 1.4, I noticed that my email was not getting new messages correctly. Then I noticed my calendar was not syncing new meetings (either way - web to phone or phone to web). Contacts also do not sync. I have deleted and re-created the account many times. The phone is definitely talking to the server (every time I recreate the account, it seems to download a few random old emails, but then stops). It worked well before the latest update. I searched the forums, but could not find anything definitive as to whether this is a known issue. I am getting my email via IMAP now, but I need my calendar+alerts+contacts. Any suggestions?

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    We have a handful of people, as well, that are using Palm, and can confirm that after the 1.4 update there have been sync issues. Recreating the account fixes the issue, but the fix is only an immediate fix, thus the account will quit synching again over a period of time. What we've seen is that typically the phone will sync back up, but it is hit or miss as to when it happens and how long it stays in sync.

    From searching around it appears the issue is related to WebOS. Unfortunately I haven't seen any sort of valid fix for the problem. Moving to IMAP really defeats the purpose of a collaboration suite, for us. May be something that needs to be pushed back on Palm, but not real sure what information we can provide them in debugging.

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    Default Seeing the same here

    I've got about 4 people on Palm Pres, 2 of them have lost the ability to activesync since the upgrade to 1.4. It's been super frustrating we've redone their account several times and sometimes it will work for a bit and sometimes nothing. I'm going to ask Sprint about a rollback but I don't feel even remotely confident that they would do it from what I'm reading on other forums

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