I know this question has been asked before but I couldn't find a clear cut answer from any of the threads about it.

We're currently running ZCS OSE 6.x sucessfully with a mix of Outlook Express through IMAP (for send as attachment support), AJAX client and ZD 1.3. However, we're considering rolling out BlackBerries to our sales force and we'd like to have calendar, contacts and, if possible, tasks syncs without having to use Outlook or Exchange as that really defeats the purpose of running Zimbra. E-mail through BB's can be handled with IMAP SSL without any issues.

There appear to be many different solutions (z-push, funambol, other ?) but none that really seem to work 100% for this usage.

Am I missing something ? Is one solution more advanced/simpler to setup and maintain than the others ? Z-push seems to be the only solution still actively developped is it not ?

If that makes any difference, we're currently looking at acquiring BB Curve 8530.