I did a search and the latest post on this was back in 2008 so I am opening a new thread.

I am trialing the network edition with the hopes to dump my hosted exchange.

I've got most of it working pretty well. The biggest problem I am having right now is that since adding my Zimbra account to my iPhone, my batter life has been at least halved. The phone is always warm to the touch. I now hae to charge it at least a couple of times per day to make it through a day.

My Zimbra version is

Release 6.0.6_GA_2330.RHEL5_64_20100505193959 CentOS5_64 NETWORK edition.

Is there some setting somewhere that I can tweak to make this problem go away? I've removed and readded the account several times. This never happened when it was tied to my exchange account.

Any help is greatly appreciated.