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Thread: iPhone IOS4 and CalDAV invites

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    Default iPhone IOS4 and CalDAV invites


    I recently upgraded my iPhone to IOS4. I would like to send and receive Calendar invites on my iPhone connected to my Zimbra 6.0.7 OSE server.

    Zimbra does everything else so well and this last feature would really bring it home over Google Apps and others!

    Looking in the thread: the thread states that...

    Currently iPhone only allows sending invites from ActiveSync-based calendars, not CalDAV calendars.
    Now Apple has release iPhone OS 4.0 the release notes say that:
    Calendar invitations can be sent and accepted wirelessly with supported CalDAV servers
    So my question is how do I take advantage of the new IOS4 feature with Zimbra? Is it possible to now send and receive calendar invites on the iPhone connected to a Zimbra CalDAV server?

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    Default Related problem

    I can sync caldav events on my iphone created on my Mac (using a caldav ZCS calendar).

    However, if I add an event on my Mac via an invitation I receive, the event is synced to ZCS, but these events don't sync to the iphone via caldav.

    What's up with that ?

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