Hello Zimbra users

I hope this thread will help some people that have a Palm Pre/Pixi with newest WebOS and are working with Zimbra Open Source Edition. Cause Zibmra OSE doesn't have Active Sync, I'm trying to build a Funambol WebOS Client, but it's difficult...

For the Moment i have created a little Zimbra Access Client, that simple connects to Zimbra Mobile (eg.: https://your.zimbraserver.com:443/m).
Informations about this app are here: Win-Soft - WebOS

We need help to build the Funambol WebOS Client. You can find information about that here: https://webos-client.forge.funambol.org/
We also try to build a native Funambol Javascript SDK, informations here: https://javascript-sdk.forge.funambol.org/.

Thanks for your time and if you are interested to help us, your welcome.

Kind regards from Switzerland