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Thread: DroidX setup issues

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    Default DroidX setup issues

    We have many Droid 1 phones setup to sync with Zimbra and have had no issues. We got our first Droid X today and I cannot get it to sync. The Corp Sync option did not work, so I chose the manual setup. I use the same settings/ports I use for the iPhone email setup (IMAP), but the when trying to sync - the red wheel icon just spins - no errors. On the 1st gen Droids, I would just pick Exchange account and fill in values and it worked fine.

    Does anyone have a Droid X setup to sync with Zimbra? If so, any suggestions? We are on the latest version - ZCS 6.0.8.


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    motorola has admitted that their corporate sync blows, and says it will be fixed for droid-x with the 2.2 update. until then, they're giving away touchdown licenses

    Issues With Exchange on the Droid X? Motorola’s Giving You TouchDown For Free | Android Phone Fans

    touchdown is better than the corporate sync anyway you might find you want it for all your droid devices (we do)

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