Let me begin by saying:

I do **not** have an iPhone, iCal, or i-anything. Nor do I own an Apple Computer Conpany product, so please keep in mind all the i-whatever related posts are of no use to me.

My issue:

I am using Evolution (version 2.28.3) and have no clue *how* to set up remote CardDAV access. So to ask the questions that are NOT in the documentation...

1) Does the Open Source edition of Zimbra support standard CardDAV for contacts? Once again, I an not talking about any apple-specific features here - just plain ol CardDAV.

2) If the OSS version DOES support the ability to use a generic CardDAV client to access contacts - whats the URL? My actual URL is "https://mail.uppercumberlandit.com". I read somewhere the URL syntax is *supposed* to be http://mail.uppercumberlandit.com/dav/username/Contacts (in the case of contacts).

3) If 1 and 2 are a "go", whats the username - "user" or "user@domain.com"? Furthermore, is the "c" in contacts on that url lowercase or uppercase? I have seen posts mention BOTH.

If all the info I have so far is correct, why does Evolution gimme an 'unable to perform search' error?

While we are at it, whats the official URL to access the CalDAV interface?

I read this particular post:


...but this user evidently already had the correct info to use.

p.s.. am I supposed to use the same url/port as the webmail interface? Or does Zimbra use a dedicated port (besides 443 or 80) for CardDAV and CalDAV.

Once again: I am NOT talking about any proprietary iCal/Outlook/etc syncing here - just plain 'ol CardDAV and Evolution.