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Thread: sync contacts to iPhone 4 from LDAP directory

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    Default sync contacts to iPhone 4 from LDAP directory

    Hi, we have a Zimbra account at SRI International.

    We use it primarily for the calendar.

    Iím trying to do some research on the sync capability with contacts and the iPhone 4.

    My understanding is that we donít use the built in directory service, but instead use a separate LDAP directory service. We also donít use the Zimbra email.

    Zimbra is syncing to outlook contacts (and calendar). So it stays up to date. For example, notifyLink works well with Blackberry to sync contacts to the blackberry. But for the iPhone 4, is there a way to sync contacts to Zimbra given the fact that we use a separate LDAP directory service, not the built in directory.

    Can you please let me know what the process is.


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    Have you tried talking to your own IT staff? I''m afraid your question is phrased in a way that I find it hard to understand.

    If you have iPhone 4, and you want to sync to an LDAP directory, why not just sync directly to LDAP using iPhone's built-in LDAP capability?

    If on the other hand you have personal contacts that are visible in Zimbra Web Client, you can sync them to iPhone using Exchange ActiveSync.

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