I'm working on a project, and I implemented a menu which I called it in the Midlet class and I implemented a list class that will display on the screen when I click an item of the menu,after that when I use left click for an item of the List class which is type of Canvas, a Canvas class named Fd must display,I called List class in the Midlet class too but I did'nt call Fd class in the Midlet!I wrote a code to display the Canvas like bellow but when I run the program,an error occuers in the code I wrote and it doesn't show the Fd class,
Keycode of Leftkey I used is true,cause when I wrote System.Out.Print();
it worked!could anybody help me to correct the code please?

protected void keyPressed(int keyCode)
int gameAction = this.getGameAction(keyCode);

case Canvas.LEFT:
Display.getDisplay(midlet).setCurrent( new Fd(this,midlet));