Hi there,

As the per the subject - is there any way to disable wiping the mobile, while still enforcing the use of a pin number?

We're allowing users to have their mobiles provisioned with our server, and one of the security provisions (as mandated by our CEO) is that the enforcing of PIN's is adhered to.

This is all good, but the feature of a forced local wipe when the pin code is enforced is something that is causing a bit of a stir.

Ive read a few other articles/posts - about setting the max number of pin tries to 0, and/or to something ridiculously huge, and other information saying only valid numbers are between 4 and 16...

Without wanting to "try" a setting of 0 or something larger to "see what happens" is there any way around this? Or does someone actually know what happens if you set it to 0?

I looked for any existing bugs submitted for this but couldnt see one.