I have 3 clients w/ Zimbra implemented. The big kahuna at my (scheduled) 4th deployment just bought a BB playbook.

In a quick and dirty test, I attempted to connect to my other 3 clients using the web browser via wifi (the Blackberry Bridge was temporarily disabled for this test). All 3 clients timed out with "there is an error" message in the browser. All 5 other tested web sites worked fine.

He has 4 days to decide to return the playbook and get an ipad.

Can anybody shed any light? Does the user have to have his blackberry with him with the bridge turned on to allow email access? Is it only possible to get email on the playbook via the Blackberry connector installed on the 'phone?

Surely there must be some setting(s) on the zimbra host that will allow the web interface to display on the playbook.

Thanks in advance!