I've been researching this subject and I'm getting somewhat mixed up so I'd like to make sure I've properly understood which mobile platform currently works with zimbra OSS OTA sync.

Android : CalDAV and CardDAV sync through apps from the application marketplace seems to be the prefferred way to sync ?

Blackberry : Since BES needs the NE edition, the only current way to get calendar and contacts sync seems to be with funambol.

iOS : CalDAV and CardDAV seem to be native to the paltform although some fiddling seems to be necessary for CardDAV to work properly ?

Windows Phone 7 : I haven't researched this platform at all but I assume it's all activesync so restricted to the NE edition (or funambol) ?

Could someone please confirm I've properly understood/suggest alternate solutions if more straightforward ones are available ? This subject repeatedly comes up but I found it hard to get a "it works" or "it doesn't" answer.