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Thread: Calendar syncing issues on latest iPhone

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    Default Calendar syncing issues on latest iPhone


    one of my users on Zimbra network edition 7.1.0 is using shared calendar feature. It is working nicely via web interface. He can see calendars shared by other users.

    The problem is with his iPhone, where he can't see any shared calendar. Everytime he tries to connect, this message appers in mailbox.log:

    2011-07-14 19:24:41,166 INFO [btpool0-71://<hostname>/dav/<user A>/<user B>&apos/] [aname=<user A>.net;ip=;ua=DAVKit/5.0 (765);; iCalendar/5.0 (79);; iPhone/4.1 8B117;] dav - sending http error 404 because: no DAV resource at /home/<use A>/<user B>&apos/

    When I visit that url, i get authentification request, which I cannot complete and check as I don't have that user A's password. I have googled for the error message, but I haven't found anything concrete.

    Any ideas what might be wrong? Might it be problem with wrongly shared resource of user B with user A?

    Thanks for your answers,


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    Exactly how is he trying to access the shared calendar?

    ActiveSync--shouldn't work at all currently, see Bug 30950 - iphone: sync with shared calendars

    CalDAV--provided the shared calendar is mounted in ZWC, and the user is accessing their own account using CalDAV, this should work seamlessly--the shared calendar will just show up as another calendar.

    WebCal/"subscription"--shared calendar doesn't have to be mounted in ZWC. Procedure:

    1. Open the Settings App.
    2. Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.
    3. Click “Add Account…”
    4. Of the types available, select “Other”.
    5. Select “Add Subscribed Calendar”.
    6. A new screen appears. In the Server field, enter the “path” to the calendar to which you wish to subscribe. The format of a path is best shown by an example:
    7. Click Next. A few seconds will pass, and you will get a new “Subscription” screen.
    8. In the Subscription screen, enter the following information:
      Server: leave this alone
      Description: anything you like, e.g. “John’s Calendar”
      Username: your full email address
      Password: your email password
      Use SSL: On
      Remove Alarms: Off (unless you want to get the alarms on the shared calendar)
    9. Click Next. The subscribed calendar account will be verified.
    10. Click Save. You’ll be returned to the main Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen.

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    We recently upgraded from 6.0.14 to 8.0.2 and are having a similar problem. No shared calendars are showing up on iOS devices. Users can see their own calendars fine. I can't seem to trace any error message to the problem, and enabling iCal delegation globally hasn't seemed to make a difference.

    Any ideas?

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    Also here; the person who is sharing the calendar sees it, but all people subscribed to it don't see it... Only having the problems under iOS...

    Would be nice to get any response with ideas to resolve the problem or a workaround would be great!

    Thx in advance...

    PS: using the WebCal/"subscription" feature
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    Quote Originally Posted by swissmerlini View Post
    Would be nice to get any response with ideas to resolve the problem or a workaround would be great!
    Agreed! Our administrators, who are always on the go, rely heavily on a pool of shared calendars. Not being able to see them from their iOS devices is a major issue.

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