one of my users on Zimbra network edition 7.1.0 is using shared calendar feature. It is working nicely via web interface. He can see calendars shared by other users.

The problem is with his iPhone, where he can't see any shared calendar. Everytime he tries to connect, this message appers in mailbox.log:

2011-07-14 19:24:41,166 INFO [btpool0-71://<hostname>/dav/<user A>/<user B>&apos/] [aname=<user A>.net;ip=;ua=DAVKit/5.0 (765);; iCalendar/5.0 (79);; iPhone/4.1 8B117;] dav - sending http error 404 because: no DAV resource at /home/<use A>/<user B>&apos/

When I visit that url, i get authentification request, which I cannot complete and check as I don't have that user A's password. I have googled for the error message, but I haven't found anything concrete.

Any ideas what might be wrong? Might it be problem with wrongly shared resource of user B with user A?

Thanks for your answers,