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Thread: How do I enable debug fo z-push

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    Default How do I enable debug fo z-push

    Hi Guys,

    Since I am novice and have just started configuring z-push would like to know how do I enable or start debugging for z-push so that I can see the debug logs and accordingly investigate the issue.

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    Please start by reading the documentaton - such as it is - provided.

    From the z-push download, in the root directory you will find a file named INSTALL

    In there is a troubleshooting section. It contains the instructions
    If you have other synchronisation problems, you can create the file
    'debug.txt' in the root directory of z-push, which should also be
    touch /var/www/z-push/debug.txt
    chmod 777 /var/www/z-push/debug.txt
    The debug.txt file will then collect debug information from your
    and in the notes at the top of the zimbra.php file
    *                   === To Enable Debug Information ===
    *                   This will output the Folder Lists from Setup() and the SOAP Requests/Responses
    *                   define('ZIMBRA_DEBUG',true); 
    *                   === To Disable Debug Information ===
    *                   define('ZIMBRA_DEBUG',false); 
    Also not included in the z-push information above - if you want to log the incoming/outgoing messages edit the file wbxml.php in the root of z-push, and change the setting define('wbxml_debug',false); to be true

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    Thanks liverpoolfcfan I am facing hell lot of issues with z-push and now mails and contacts are not getting synched however calendar entries are properly getting synched, any clue why?

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