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Thread: Trouble Syncing with Android

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    Question Trouble Syncing with Android

    Hi all ... I am relatively new to Zimbra and all of a sudden I am having an issue with activesync (Corporate Sync). Some of my users started complaining the other day that their mail stopped syncing. So I added an account to my phone (Droid Pro) to test. I am able to add the account with no problem, but when I open the mailbox to try and sync it says "Connection Error". I can send emails with no problem at all, but for some reason it just won't receive.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I seem to be striking out. Nothing changed on the server at all and I know that it WAS working just fine up until a few days ago. We are running Release 5.0.15_GA_2851.RHEL5_20090310165728 RHEL5 NETWORK edition.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    UPDATE: I downloaded and installed the Android fling app and that works. So it appears as if it is only the native mail app that is not working. Any ideas?
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