I am an graduate student at Rider University and we use Zimbra mail. I have a BlackBerry and have my e-mail set up on the phone through BIS. However, I am having an issue that has totally puzzled me and the individuals at Verizon Wireless.

Let's say I have a bunch of read messages already in my mailbox on my Blackberry, when I receive a new message, the other messages already in my mailbox become hidden and the only way I can see them again is if I delete the last message received, then the other messages will show up again. I have wiped my BlackBerry multiple times, which seems to help for a brief period of time. Also, I have been through multiple BlackBerry devices, deleted the e-mail address and re-added it, and the same issue continues to happen. It does not occur when any of my other e-mail addresses (AOL, GMAIL). Only with the Zimbra address.

I stumbled across this forum and I really HOPE someone can shed some light on this issue and help me fix it. I would really appreciate it!