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Thread: Calendar events don't sync completely between iOS5 IPhone 4S, IPad and ZIMBRA server

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    Unhappy Calendar events don't sync completely between iOS5 IPhone 4S, IPad and ZIMBRA server


    I have a very annoying problem with my new IPhone 4S (iOS5) and my IPad 1 (iOS5) on one side and our company's ZIMBRA server on the other side.
    All software releases are completely up-to-date. ZIMBRA runs on version 7.1.2.

    Since the update to iOS5, not all calendar entries are synched any more. (Yes, I have set "sync all events".) (The sync on my IPad1 running on iOS4 worked like a charm. The problem began exactly after the iOS5 upgrade.)

    "Not all" means, that e.g. today I have 5 appointments in my calendar on the ZIMBRA server, all in the same calendar ("calendar"). Currently 4 of these 5 appointments are synced to my IPhone and IPad, one appointment (between the others) is not synched on my IPhone... (Interesting: this event is synched to my IPad currently, but other appointments are missing there, too).

    I tried to solve the problem with the following actions:
    1. Deleted the configuration several times and set up new on IPhone/IPad.
    2. Tried the Exchange protocol and iCal protocol.
    3. Disabled E-Mail sync to reduce data traffic.
    4. Disabled iCloud completely (except the device localization)

    Nothing helped so far.

    This means, that I cannot trust the calendars on my IPhone 4S and on my IPad 1 any more.

    I posted this question at the Apple support site some time ago, but got no help until now ( Now I want to ask you guys here, if somebody had the same problem before...

    Any help is highly appreciated!

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    I haven't gotten any reports of this at my site.

    Note that Zimbra current release is 7.1.3p1, though I can't say if upgrading the server would help.

    Please see my signature for instructions on discovering your exact Zimbra version and putting it into your profile. I see you report using 7.1.2 but it can't hurt to double-check.

    If nothing else works, I'd suggest the following (in order):

    If you aren't the admin of your Zimbra server, ask the admin for help. He or she may be able to find something in sync.log and/or mailbox.log (see Log Files - Zimbra :: Wiki for increasing the log level).
    If you can develop a set of reproduction steps using a fresh account, post a bug report in Bugzilla Main Page - Zimbra
    Open a support case; you'll probably have to supply server logs.

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    i had a similar problem with my phone and outlook calendar.
    I assume you are using iTunes.
    connect the phone, click on it, Edit > Preferences and reset your synching preferences.

    My issue is getting it to synch Zimbra calendar without having to go to Outlook first.

    Not sure if that helps.

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