I have people using android systems that really need to use the Zimbra mobile interface. The problem is you can't add an attachment. REALLY!

Sure you can do it in other interface views. Who cares? I don't!

As it appears Zimbra developers are in love with MS, Apple and Blackberry. Android is a freakin linux system and far better than the other garbage out there.

So why is it taking Zimbra so long to get on the android side of things?

Would someone in Zimbra development give a reason as to why android is left out like a step child? Seriously! You waiting for the end of the world in 2012 so that can be the reason support is being left out.

Sorry for the rant. Now back to trying to figure out how to get a freakin app to allow attachments to be sent in an email.

Signed... One ticked off Admin!