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Thread: ActiveSync Performance testing by using Exchange Load Generator 2010 (32 bit)

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    Default ActiveSync Performance testing by using Exchange Load Generator 2010 (32 bit)

    Hello team,

    Has anyone experienced the massive load testing by using "Microsoft Exchange Load Generator 2010" ?
    Download: Exchange Load Generator 2010 (32 bit) - Microsoft Download Center - Confirmation

    Can anybody share your experience or knowledge with me?

    Thank you very much!

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    Hello tkomatsu,

    I'm currently looking forward for a platform to perform some stress-tests in order to evaluate hardware requirements for servers with heavy mobile use..
    I tried to download and install the Exchange Load Generator but I came to a halt because this software requires the Exchange Management Tools role installed on the machine, which means that the Ms Exchange system requirements are to be fullfilled (an AD server, a domain controller or a pc logged into a domain, IIS common files etc..). I'll try to set up a proper test environment but it will take some time..

    Anybody has any experience with this tool or other solutions/ideas?

    Best regards,

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