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    To whom it may concern. I recently have purchased an iPad and I want to setup my company email on my "mail" button on my iPad. I have gone through the process of clicking "other" and trying to setup my account this way, but I really don't know what I am doing and we do not have a dedicated "support" for our company.

    Should I be trying to connect via IMAP or POP? Depending on this answer, can I get a step by step process so that I can setup my account?

    Any help that can be extended my way, would be greatly appreciated.

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    You really need to find out who set up your Zimbra system and ask them some basic questions :
    A) - Is it actually Zimbra
    B) - Is it an Open source or Network Edition
    C) - If Network Edition, does it have mobile licenses available (You could use ActiveSync)
    D) - If not you need to get answers to the POP/IMAP question, and get some protocol details (SSL/TLS/Plaintext) and port numbers
    E) - You will also need SMTP details if you want to be able to send mail.

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