Here at the University I work for, a lot of departments have switched over to their installation of Zimbra. Everything runs great for the most part, but there is an issue.

I have some filters made that move certain incoming emails to certain folders under the Inbox folder. They include a folder for my boss, a folder for emails from Nagios, a folder for support tickets, etc. Everything filters and works fine using the web interface.

The issue pops up when you try to use a mobile device. I have both an iPad and 2 different Android devices (Galaxy S GT-i9000T and a Galaxy S III GT-i9300T) linked using the built in account syncing in each OS. Everything works fine on both (calendar, email, etc) EXCEPT for the sub-folders. None of the devices show the sub-folders under the INBOX folder, which means any new emails that gets dumped into the boss's folder, nagios folder, ticket folder, etc *do not* appear at all on the phones and/or iPad, nor do you receive a notification of a new email message.

My thought it since it's happening on two completely different OS's, it's either a limitation of activesync or it's an issue with Zimbra.

As for the activesync, here's the information provided by our UCS:
Android (Android/4.0.3-EAS-1.3) - (Galaxy S) - Status OK - Protocol version: 12.0 - Provisionable: Yes
iPad (Apple-iPad2C1/902.206) - (iPad 2) - Status OK - Protocol version: 2.5 - Provisionable: Yes
SAMSUNGGTI9300 (SAMSUNG-GT-I9300/100.40004) - (Galaxy S3) - Status OK - Protocol version 2.5 - Provisionable: Yes