Hi, I'm new here and would like to ask about z-push zimbra backend.
I've installed Z-Push 1.5.12 and Zimbra Backend 53 for a Zimbra Server Version 7.0.1.
Zimbra server is running on Ubuntu 8.04 Machine.
Z-Push and Backend run on Ubuntu 12.04 Machine with Apache2 and php 5.3 running on it.
Managed to install the Z-Push and Backend for Zimbra, also connects to Zimbra Server I guess because over every Webbrowser i could manage to find i could log in. Just right username and password combination is working to get to the error message about GET requests not allowed.
However when I try to connect my HTC Smartphone I can't manage to login. It allways says there is a problem with authentification.
I've managed to fix all problems that appeared in the debug.txt file, and also installed allready a .htaccess file with the PHP flags that are needed by Z-Push in the root directory of Z-Push, which eliminated the error messages on apache log. anybody got an idea what i could be missing? for sure i did an Alias for Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync directing to the z-push www directory and even made chmod -R 777 on the z-push directory. Btw. z-push "store" folder is still empty as well as the "zimbra" directory for the user XML files.

Would aprecciate a fast answer on this.

I. Klein

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